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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Appleton, WI


I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea this past winter. The clenching and grinding wreaked havoc on my teeth. While growing up, everyone commented on what a beautiful smile I had. However, due to health conditions and Sleep Apnea, my teeth were being destroyed. The enamel loss and the wearing down of my teeth became so noticeable the past couple of years that family members commented that something was happening to my teeth.

Lynn Before Lynnk32
Before After


Dr. Pajek said that I would need reconstruction and explained all of the procedures involved. It would take a few months to complete the process. I submitted pictures of myself when my smile was fully intact from previous years and my smile was matched exactly. And yes, I cried. I was so overjoyed and I still am.

Wow! What a difference, everyone comments on my smile again and how beautiful it is. I am so grateful for the expertise, caring and patience of Dr. Pajek and all the ladies at Modern Touch Dentistry.

What a blessing you have been to me.

Thank you so much

Lynn K


The before and after pictures featured in our smile gallery portray a number of cosmetic dental procedures, including crowns, bonding, porcelain veneers, ZOOM2! Whitening and much more.  To learn how a smile make over can have a life-changing effect, call us!


Dear Dr. Pajek, Debbie, Tracey and Diane: “The Miracle Team”

There are no words to express my gratitude for all you have done for me! I am so sad I didn’t come to your office 10+ years ago but what you were able to accomplish in one sedation was amazing! Your support and how you never judged me, your knowledge let alone the “spa like” feel of your office has been music to my ears. Diane, if it wasn’t for you squeezing me in for a consult the same day I called, I can’t imagine where I would be right now (not smiling!). Thank you all for being so kind. You have made such a huge impact on my life. I can smile with confidence!!

Julie B.

P.S. Sedation Rocks! Your name should be Miracle Touch, what you did for me was a miracle! Thanks to you all. I will never be scared to go to the dentist again and one day I better be pictured in your smile gallery!!

Julie B.

Hate Dentists! Bad Experience! Too Much Pain!

I had all these problems before Modern Touch Dentistry!

Not anymore. After my first two experiences with sedation dentistry I no longer dread going to the dentist.

My first appointment was for 7 hours and I don’t remember a thing and more importantly, no pain! I had 2 crowns and a root canal in one day. Try that timetable at a regular dentist office.

And just as important is the compassion and expert care from the staff at Modern Touch Dentistry.

Last but not least, Dr. Pajek truly cares about her patients. She takes extra time with all her patients making sure that they are comfortable with the dental plan developed for them. To quote a famous general, “I shall return.”

Thanks for all your kindness and hard work!

Retired Fire Chief
City of Menasha


We are sharing a remarkable experience that my wife and I are presently undertaking at Modern Touch Dentistry. You have heard all the stories of putting off going to the dentist, yet it is of the utmost importance for a persons entire health and well being. With retirement down the road we decided to both have check ups and whatever procedures needed to be taken care of. It has turned out to be a relief to us that this step was taken.

Dr. Pajek is more than an expert in her profession, and we have total confidence in her. She has put together a great support team for her practice and believe me, this makes it easy to make your scheduled appointments. Diane is an expert on the insurance and scheduling end, Tracy is a wonderful and friendly person, and what can we say about Debbie, the chair side pro. Funny, but professional and a comforting presence.

We are most pleased with the results to date and look forward to many years of smiles to come. Thank you to the entire staff at Modern Touch Dentistry.

Keep smiling!

Jim and Trudy K
Black Creek, WI

Jim and Trudy K

Dear Dr. Pajek,

I wanted to thank you for your relationship as our family dentist. Your entire office cares about my husband, three kids (all adult now) and me!

I love the way you educate us on good oral health and tie it into our holistic well-being. I always feel confident in your treatment plan recommendations which is why I recommend you to everyone I know. You have a wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly staff – which you feel the moment you step through the door.

I love my new apparatus (NTI appliance) that helps me stop from grinding and clenching. I am so more aware that I am doing it now – A BAD HABIT. You have my permission to use any of my comments and if you would like a “family” photo for publicity, we are game!

Fondest Regards

Beth D